US election campaign – Biden made his debut on TikTok on Sunday


US President Joe Biden made his debut on TikTok on Sunday. In the video, which lasts 26 seconds, he talks about the election campaign and the Super Bowl, the last game of the American football league NFL, last Sunday.

For example, Biden is asked in the video whether he would rather watch the game itself or the show at halftime. The president responds by saying he prefers the game itself. This time, R&B singer Usher performed during halftime.

Finally, the 81-year-old president is asked the rather unnecessary question of who he prefers as future president: himself or his opponent Donald Trump. “Are you kidding? Biden,” the president replies, laughing.

Governments criticize the platform
The Chinese video platform, owned by Bytedance,has been repeatedly criticized by US governments. The company is suspected of giving the Chinese Communist Party access to user data. However, the government denies this.

US federal authorities have already banned Tiktok on mobile phones at work due to data privacy concerns. Biden apparently still sees the platform as important to reach young voters before the presidential elections on November 5. The platform is used more often than, for example, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. There are more than a billion users worldwide.

Source: Krone


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