Was the motive for dismissal? – Athens: Man shot three people at shipping company


In Glyfada, a suburb of the Greek capital Athens, a man broke into the offices of a shipping company on Monday and shot three people dead. He then committed suicide, Greek broadcaster ERT News reported.

According to information that was not initially officially confirmed, the suspected perpetrator was a man around 70 years old who was employed by the shipping company. This was reported by broadcaster ERT, citing police circles. Police spokeswoman Consantia Dimoglidou said the business owner was one of the three victims.

The perpetrator was released a few days ago
Shipping company employees who were able to get to safety in time reported that the perpetrator had been released a few days ago. Eyewitnesses said he had a shotgun and a revolver.

Police and special forces officers entered the shipping company building before the suspected shooter was found. They ensured that the other employees were safely removed from the building, spokeswoman Dimoglidou said.

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Source: Krone


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