Violent analysis: – “Trump acted like Putin’s toy”


In an interview on, American campaign advisor Yussi Pick analyzes the current American election campaign with strong words: “Trump has the core of the Republicans firmly under control, but he still has to win over the moderate Republicans.”

Trump’s motivation for Putin to attack NATO countries that pay too little into the NATO budget and are therefore no longer supported by the US also appeals to this hard core of Republican voters. Pick also reports on the once very close relationship between Trump and Putin during his US presidency – adding dramatically: “Trump seemed like Putin’s plaything.”

“Trump has sealed Ukraine’s defeat”
Yussi Pick also mentions the clear impact on Europe if Trump were to win the upcoming US presidential elections: ‘The Republicans do not support Ukraine.’ Ultimately, he also answers the question of whether Ukraine’s defeat is inevitable: ‘With Trump as president “The defeat of the Ukrainians in the war against Russia has been sealed.” Trump’s relationship with Israel has always been divisive.

Biden, in turn, will benefit from the current good economic data from the US. It’s like said before: “It’s the economy, dumbass.”

If anything, the numerous ongoing lawsuits surrounding Donald Trump could further diminish his re-election prospects. The decision will be made during the US elections on November 5.

You can watch the entire interview with Yussi Pick in the video above.

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Source: Krone


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