“You need to run less in Spain or Italy and go where the money is”


In 2024, the motorcycle world championship will experience more races than ever before in its 75-year history. In the fall of Argentine Grand Prixthe calendar MotoGP This year there are 21 events and 42 scoring races in 17 different countries spread over four continents.

More than one voice from the paddock raised a hand demanding a cut Great prizes and the latter is Massimo RivolaCEO of Aprilia Racing: “We haven’t talked yet DORNA but, personally, with the inclusion of Sprints, last year I was devastated. 21 or 22 Great prizes There were many, so we had to sit down Carmelo Ezpeleta and see what we are doing. Manufacturers are also part of this business,” he said in statements collected by ‘GPOne’.

“The current problem is to generate more interest in a sport that, for me, is sensational. We must differentiate races into events and we must learn a lot from Formula 1. You don’t have to look for the motorcycle enthusiast; You have to go, for example, for the tennis player and let him discover how good he is. MotoGP. Naa Formula 1 “They invest a lot and, for example, they bring in guest actors and put on real events,” he continued. Rivola.

“You have to run less Spain either Italy and go where the money is, for example. We need important sponsors and, to attract them, the best thing is to run Indonesia or to Indiainteresting markets”, concluded the CEO of Aprilia Racing.

Source: La Verdad


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