Fake Patches – Scammers ‘raised’ money for the Red Cross


Two fraudsters had embroidered a patch with a red cross on a white background on her red sweater. They wanted to convince their victims to donate money. But a former Red Cross employee was immediately suspicious.

On Monday in the early evening hours in Klagenfurt-Waidmannsdorf, two men rang the bells on several apartment doors. “The men were wearing red sweaters with fake patches and said they were collecting donations,” police reported.

“Perpetrator of North African descent”
“At least one of the perpetrators is probably of North African descent, is slim and speaks limited German. The second perpetrator remained in the background.” However, the jerseys lack the concise inscription “Austrian Red Cross”.

During their fraudulent fundraising, the two men also met a former Red Cross employee, who immediately became suspicious. “The 64-year-old from Klagenfurt recognized that they were fraudsters because of the fake uniform. When he asked the North African man for identification, he only briefly showed an indefinable piece of plastic,” police said. “He then told the men he would call the police.” When the 64-year-old got his mobile phone, the fraudsters fled.

Red Cross informed
Fortunately, the other residents were also considerate and no one gave the fraudsters money. The police immediately informed the rescue organization. “Real Red Cross workers also collect donations, but they carry a tablet and never accept cash. Donations are usually made in cash or by standing order,” the Red Cross Klagenfurt said about the incidents.

Source: Krone


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