Not legally binding – terrorist plans at the central station: indictment against Bursch


Vienna’s public prosecutor’s office has filed charges against the 17-year-old who attempted to commit a terrorist attack at Vienna’s main station last September.

As the authorities announced, the extensive investigation and interviews with the suspect showed that the youth acted out of conviction and in accordance with the objectives of the Islamic State terrorist organization. The indictment therefore relates to the accusation of being a terrorist organization.

leave courage
The young man lost his courage after arriving at the train station, which is why he did not carry out the planned attack with a combat knife. The young person’s statements on this point were consistent with the rest of the evidence, the Public Prosecution Service wrote. The investigation into a suspected terrorist crime has therefore been stopped for legal reasons. The man was arrested the day after the planned attack.

IS propaganda videos and photos
However, the 17-year-old is accused of having repeatedly published photos of himself in chats and chat groups with symbols of the terrorist organization IS and videos glorifying violence, including in at least one case instructions for making explosives and carrying Our attacks were shared and thereby committed the crime of a terrorist organization and the crime of a criminal organization.

Taking into account the suspect’s age, the penalty is a maximum of five years in prison. The indictment is not yet final and the suspect has the right to file an objection with the court within fourteen days after the indictment has been served.

Source: Krone


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