At UNO-City in Vienna – “It works”: truck crashes into height barrier


It must be assumed that a truck driver knows the size of his vehicle. However, a truck driver in Vienna-Donaustadt clearly misjudged Monday afternoon: despite the clearly visible height limit of 2.2 meters, the man crashed into the guardrail with his clearly higher truck at full speed. The driver was very surprised about the accident.

According to a “Krone” reader reporter, the stunned man got out of the damaged vehicle near the UNO-City around noon and looked stunned at the cause of the accident. Apparently he had no idea that his truck, which is more than a meter higher, wouldn’t be able to drive through it: with his hands on his forehead, he walked around the vehicle to inspect the damage.

Larger vehicles are generally not allowed to drive in the UNO-City area, as there are multiple other height barriers like this one (see photo) in the area. They are all marked with a 2.2 meter sign.

Barrier to protect against terror
As a result of 9/11, the barriers and barriers around the UN site have been used for years as security measures against possible terrorist attacks. If danger threatens, the barriers are lowered onto the street in the shortest possible time. Trucks with a height of more than 2.2 meters cannot generally be guaranteed by.

Source: Krone


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