Age-old trick in court – Fake cop cheated on four old ladies


A Polish woman in police uniform took cash and gold ducats from four old women. Her alleged driver also has to answer to the court in St. Pölten. The total damage: 180,000 euros.

“An old trick,” says the prosecutor in the regional court of St. Pölten, who describes the defrauding of the accused Pole. As a fake police officer, she is said to have robbed four old ladies of money and gold ducats. The procedure – demanding a bail bond following an alleged traffic accident involving relatives.

180,000 euros damage
The defendant then collected the money: 180,000 euros in less than two months from the pensioners. The gang’s supporters are based in Poland. The second suspect is believed to be her driver. He doesn’t want to know about the fraud. Only occasionally did he bring people from Poland to Austria. “Getting people from A to B is not yet a criminal offense,” he defended.

The woman is silent about the criminal organization and the whereabouts of the money: “I plead guilty, but will not answer any further questions.” Money worries and her four children drove her to the fraud. Verdict: 33 months unconditional prison sentence!

Source: Krone


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