If Ukraine wins, the Kremlin bullies will again threaten the West with nuclear war


If Ukraine wins, the Kremlin bullies will again threaten the West with nuclear war

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has once again threatened the West with all-out nuclear war if Russia is pushed back to its 1991 borders. The current Vice President of the Security Council reiterated on Telegram on Sunday his well-known position that “nuclear powers never lose a war” as long as they defend their homeland.

In a brief thought experiment, he discussed the arguments for Ukraine’s success in this war. According to him, Ukraine’s return to its old borders would violate the Russian constitution, especially since conquered territories in eastern Ukraine and Crimea have already been annexed as permanent parts of Russia.

Anger towards the West
“And now the most important question: do these idiots (in the West) really believe that the Russian people would accept such a disintegration of their country?” Medvedev wrote. Instead, the Russian forces would use their entire arsenal and attack not only Kiev, but also Washington, Berlin or London. “To all the other beautiful historical places that were introduced long ago as targets of our nuclear triad,” Medvedev emphasized.

Medvedev was considered a liberal, moderate politician during his term as Kremlin chief (2008-2012). Since the start of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine almost two years ago, he has become an extremist and is now one of the West’s harshest critics.

There is no concrete evidence that Russia’s leaders currently plan to use nuclear weapons.

President Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of the neighboring country two years ago. Despite several setbacks, Russia still occupies about a fifth of Ukraine, including the Crimean Peninsula, which was annexed in 2014, and is currently on its way to victory.

Source: Krone


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