The Israeli parliament speaks out against a Palestinian state as support for diplomatic channels grows


The Knesset has thus endorsed the position of Benjamin Netanyahu’s government. Palestinian Ahmed Tibi has been expelled from the hearing after interrupting the Israeli Prime Minister’s speech and shouting that ‘a Palestinian state will be established’.

The Knesset (Israeli parliament) has spoken out against a project by the US and several Arab states that, if implemented, would result in the creation of a Palestinian state, on the same day it was announced that almost 44% of Israelis (8 .2)% more than in January) support a political solution to the conflict.

The Knesset approved the decision, taken three days ago by Benjamin Netanyahu’s government support from 99 of the 120 parliamentarians and with 9 votes against. The text approved by Parliament is the same as that signed by the Government on the 18th.

One of the delegates was against the resolution, the Palestinian Achmed Tibiwas expelled from the session after interrupting the Israeli Prime Minister’s speech and shouting that “a Palestinian state will be established,” the Palestinian politician reported on his X account.

“Israel categorically rejects international dictates on a permanent agreement with the Palestinians. The agreement, to the extent it is reached, will be implemented only through direct negotiations between the parties, without prior conditions,” the approved text said.

Netanyahu has expressed his satisfaction For the result, he thanked the Israeli opposition for their support of the proposal and assured that he could not remember such a large majority in any proposal.

USA could plan to announce a proposal for the creation of a Palestinian state in the context of a ceasefire in Gaza, which could include the release of Israeli hostages, according to an article in the American newspaper WashingtonPostin which they quote American and Arab officials.

Popular support for a political solution is growing

Coinciding with the legislative move to support the government and ultimately the Prime Minister, an inquiry is being conducted today into the Israeli Democracy Institute (IDI)showing that there are increasing voices supporting a diplomatic solution to the conflict.

Respondents responded positively to the question: Would they support or oppose an end to the war in Gaza, including the release of hostages, “long-term military peace” with US guarantee, peace with Saudi Arabia, the release of Palestinian prisoners and the establishment, in the long term, of a demilitarized Palestinian state.

There is a large majority among Israeli Arabs 77% -compared to 69% on January 10- has been favorable, while only 9% have assured that they would be against it. Among Israeli Jews the 55% has expressed some degree of opposition, while the percentage in favor has increased from 29% to 29% 37%.

Meanwhile, the carnage in the Gaza Strip continues and the number of dead Palestinians is already increasing 69 300. Since October 7, the number of injuries has reached about 69,333, although the number of fatalities could be higher as an estimated 8,000 bodies remain under the rubble, in a landscape of widespread destruction.

Source: EITB


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