Police are looking for witnesses – woman (82) fell on bus after abrupt braking


Without warning and suddenly, the driver of a dark van turned into a parking lot on Technikerstrasse in Innsbruck on Wednesday. A following bus had to brake sharply to avoid a collision. An 82-year-old passenger was injured. The van just kept moving.

On Wednesday around 1:05 p.m., the driver of a bus was driving south on Technikerstrasse in Innsbruck. According to the bus driver, a dark van drove in front of the bus.

Sudden braking and turning
Suddenly the van braked abruptly and turned right into a parking lot without a turn signal. In addition, to avoid a collision, the bus driver had to brake sharply, causing a female passenger to fall into the bus.

The woman, an 82-year-old Austrian, was injured in her ribs. The van did not stop and continued its journey.

The driver of the vehicle or anyone who can provide information about the accident is asked to contact the Innsbruck Traffic Inspectorate on 059133 – 75 91.

Source: Krone


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