Presidential election – court confirms exclusion of Putin opponent


Putin’s opponent Boris Nadezhdin says he has suffered another defeat in his bid to run for president in Russia. The Kremlin critic was removed from the ballot due to allegedly incorrect application documents.

“The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation has rejected my request to challenge the denial of registration,” Nadezhdin said on online services on Wednesday. The opposition politician announced that he would appeal the decision. Russia’s Supreme Court will hear his appeal next Monday

“Irregularities” in signatures
Nadezhdin has worked to end the conflict in Ukraine. His candidacy for the presidential election was rejected by the Russian Election Commission about two weeks ago. The election commission had said it had found “irregularities” in some of the required 105,000 signatures from supporters.

Nadezhdin appealed the decision. His team explained that the alleged “errors” the committee complained about were also minor typographical errors that occurred when digitizing handwritten information.

A choice that isn’t there
Incumbent Vladimir Putin is expected to win the presidential elections in mid-March. Putin has led Russia as president or prime minister for more than twenty years.

There is no real opposition in the elections. Much of the opposition is in prison or in exile; last week, prominent Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny died in custody.

Source: Krone


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