Argument on the ski slope – Rowdy kicked the opponent in the face with a snowboard boot


A dispute between skiers in the Tyrolean ski area Alpbachtal/Wildschönau completely escalated on Wednesday. A previously unknown man kicked a 14-year-old who was lying on the ground in the face. The police are looking for information.

On Saturday morning, a Dutch family went skiing in the SkiJuwel Alpbachtal/Wildschönau ski area. At around 10.50 am they rode together from the mountain station of the Alpbachtal/Wildschönau connecting cable car along the red piste No. 5 towards the mountain station of the Schatzbergbahn.

No clash, still an argument
During the descent, the 19-year-old son had to avoid a child and a man who were standing on the slope. Although there was no collision with the other two skiers, there was an initial verbal and then physical altercation between the unknown men on the one hand and the 19-year-old and his 14- and 18-year-old siblings on the other. .

Sister unconscious after blow
The 14-year-old fell to the ground, after which one of the unknown men kicked him in the face with his snowboard boot. His 18-year-old sister tried to break up the argument, was punched in the face and was unconscious for a short time.

The perpetrators fled
The unknown men then fled in an unknown direction. The 18-year-old was taken to the Kufstein district hospital by rescuers. Her 14-year-old brother went to the hospital alone.

Description of the previously unknown perpetrators:
1st person: man, approximately 30 years old with a brown beard, wearing a red jacket
2nd person: man, approx. 30 years old, wearing glasses, wearing a blue jacket
Both men spoke German and at least one of the two was traveling with a snowboard.

You can send any useful information to the Wörgl police station on 059133 / 7221.

Source: Krone


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