“Rainer Nowak Talk” – Maurer: “We are not just there for the Bobos in Vienna”


“The Rainer Nowak Talk”: about the Greens in government, the “challenging” relationship with the ÖVP and the possibilities after the upcoming National Council elections.

2024 is a groundbreaking year – also for Austria’s domestic politics. Also for the Greens. Club chairman Sigrid Maurer spoke to Rainer Nowak on krone.tv about the upcoming elections and the coalition with the ÖVP: It is very challenging, but a coalition is always a compromise. “Day one is now four years old,” Maurer said.

The green handwriting? “With the Minister of Climate, the Minister of Justice, the Minister of Social Affairs and Werner Kogler as captain, we have been able to push through many points. We made it happen.” That is also how ex-Green Party leader and fellow discussant Eva Glawischnig sees it. The Greens would score points especially among strong women.

Sebastian Kurz “pushed over the cliff”
Communications expert Daniel Kapp, who is close to the ÖVP, testified that the Greens had the best of both worlds – “and they pushed Sebastian Kurz over the cliff. The ÖVP was in shock and absolutely wanted to continue governing. The Greens have used their agenda. We will see greater polarization in the election campaign.”

First there are the EU elections. According to Maurer, with activist Lena Schilling we can act progressively and appeal to young people. Maurer believes that the ÖVP is entangled in too many different interests, while the Greens would all join forces. Kapp refutes this by saying that the ÖVP is a center party and a large party – unlike the Greens, who do not claim growth with their portfolio. Maurer: ‘We are not just there for the Bobos in Vienna.’ An example is concreting, which is a problem especially in rural areas. The Greens would take extremely offensive action against this.

Dispute about Zadic and WKStA
There was also a dispute over the Public Prosecution Service for Economic Affairs and Corruption (WKStA) and the Minister of Green Justice, Alma Zadic. This is responsible for the leak of files, says Kapp. The WKStA must be able to work in peace, Maurer replied. In the interest of the population, who have the right to know how politicians handle their tax money. This is what these processes and procedures must demonstrate.

The National Council will be elected on September 29 – “that is our goal,” says Maurer.

We still have a lot to do. In construction, healthcare, the social sector and energy security. And then? Is there a three-party coalition with ÖVP and SPÖ to prevent the FPÖ? Sigrid Maurer would have no problem with that. “We have worked well with the SPÖ and ÖVP in Vienna and Tyrol. Plus: no one is doing climate protection except us.”

“The Rainer Nowak Talk” – every Wednesday, 9:15 PM, on krone.tv.

Every Wednesday, Katia Wagner discusses socio-political issues affecting Austria with guests from politics and society in the show of the same name.

Source: Krone


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