Fatal mistake: phone call from former assassin to abandoned pilot


A fatal mistake he made out of love is said to have cost the life of Russian defector and helicopter pilot Maxim Kuzminov. As is known, the Russian went into hiding in Spain, but missed his ex-girlfriend there. When he called them in Russia, it was said that his killers were tracking the deserter who had fallen out of favor with the Kremlin.

Those who oppose the Russian regime tend to have a shorter life expectancy – this includes Russians who have fled abroad. When war opponent Kuzminov fled over the border with Ukraine in a fully equipped Mi-8 army helicopter last summer, he was clearly aware that he would be in danger as a ‘traitor’ to his country.

Living in Spain under a different identity
After his escape, the 33-year-old went into hiding in Spain – living there under a different name and with a Ukrainian passport to avoid being traced by the Russian secret service. But the longing for his ex-girlfriend apparently made him careless: so he called his ex-girlfriend, who lives in the city of Vladivostok, to ask her to move in with him.

This call would have enabled Russian intelligence to track down the deserter. “We know that he invited his ex to live with him and that he was subsequently found dead,” intelligence sources in Ukraine say. “This call may have been intercepted by Russian secret services,” Spanish media reported.

Ex-girlfriend’s body has finally been found
His ex-girlfriend accepted the invitation – and eventually found Kuzminow riddled with gunfire in the driveway of a garage in the Alicante town of La Villajoyosa.

Apparently Russian ammunition was used in the attack
Investigative circles recently revealed that Russian ammunition was used in the attack on the pilot. This could be seen as a signal to other opponents of Russian President Vladimir Putin: even if you flee abroad, you are not safe from the Russian terror regime.

Source: Krone


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