Incident in Schwendau – Englishman wanted to ‘run away’ after an avalanche


An injured snowboarder and an Englishman who was shocked by a slide from the slopes kept the emergency services on their toes on Saturday in the Tyrolean ski resort of Horberg.

There was a risk of confusion: shortly before noon on Saturday, a German woman (33) had an accident with her snowboard in the free ski area of ​​the gondola “150” in the Schwendau (Horberg) ski area. “The woman probably fell with her back on a stone and injured herself,” says Andreas Eder from the Mayrhofen mountain rescue service, who happened to be nearby. The emergency medical helicopter Martin 7 rescued the injured person with the rope and took her to the hospital.

Surface slip right next to it
Almost in the immediate vicinity and almost at the same time an Englishman had caused a surface slide in the open space. He then looked in the snow for one of his skis and his backpack – that’s why there was an avalanche alarm. No one was buried.

English quickly “placed”
The Alpin 5 emergency medical helicopter then flew to the scene of the accident, where the German was rescued by the helicopter. Of course the Englishman had little interest in a helicopter flight. Because he was looking for space. But he was unlucky: he was quickly ‘portrayed’ by those involved in the operation. The man is unharmed.

Many avalanches without injuries
On Saturday there were numerous avalanches throughout Tyrol until early afternoon, but these all ended lightly. In some places in Tyrol there is danger level 4 – high danger.

Source: Krone


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