Criticism of the D-law – “Justice system overloaded”: good reason for hemp brake?


The legislative resolution in the Bundestag paves the way for cannabis in Germany. Partial legalization may still be postponed in the Federal Council. This is advocated, among others, by judges, who fear that the judiciary is becoming overloaded because tens of thousands of fines have to be handed out through an amnesty scheme. Krone+ has looked at why this is (not) a good reason for a hemp brake.

The controversial partial legalization of cannabis in Germany was passed in the Bundestag with 407 yes votes, 226 no votes and four abstentions. Shortly before, politicians such as Wolfgang Kubicki (FDP) and the head of the Medical Association Klaus Reinhardt had made critical comments about the bill, and the Berlin branch of the police union even saw it as a ‘license to kill’.

Source: Krone


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