The seven reasons that keep Real away from the final


February 27, 2024 was the saddest night of the era Imanol Alguacil at Royal. In front of 36,000 spectators who dreamed of experiencing another finals, the Txuri Urdin squad could not get past the draw against Mallorca and ended up succumbing to the Russian roulette of the penalty shootout. But it is a game with many sides and many aspects to think about.


The chances of failure

​210 minutes, 38 shots, 12 of them on goal and only one goal. One of the Mikel Oyarzabal. So it’s very difficult to go to the final. The lack of collective punch again punished the Txuri Urdin squad. But in this section you need to personalize and focus on the incredible occasions marked Sadiq Umar In mallorca. It was the most expensive signing in Real’s history and he missed two chances without a goalkeeper. With those two goals, it was clear that Real’s final fate in the semifinal was very different. The rivalry began to lose due to not winning in Mallorca and, at the same time, not knowing how to beat the Balearic Islands in front of 36,000 spectators at home. Becker enjoyed a clear opportunity and Samú Costa He saved two goals on the goal line in just two seconds in overtime.
But as concerned as not being able to score didn’t prevent a goal with Mallorca’s only shot on goal in 210 minutes! The defensive fragility that Real has been showing in recent weeks has been evident. And again it was on a set piece, for the fifth time in a row, in this case a throw-in.

Brais took the penalty with 0-0


Brais lacked the confidence to take the penalty

In such close matches, actions such as missed penalties can be decisive. La Real didn’t have a single scoring chance and enjoyed the mother of them all thanks to a great action from Zubimendifirst with unmarking and then with a center hit in the hand of Raíllo. The problem is not that Oyarzabal, a regular performer, a trauma at the time, although later he was the only one to fail in the round. And though Andre Silva He made to grab the leather to execute, the one who did it was Brace Mendez. The Galician was brave when he accepted the responsibility for the execution of the maximum penalty, but perhaps his emotional state was not ideal, considering that he missed two in the same season, against Benfica and Osasuna. On the field there are other potential shooters who are very comfortable opening the scoring, like himself. Silva, Merino either Zubimendiwho was later discovered to be a seasoned enforcer. braise He bowled it badly, on dummy, on middle but without force and from the bottom and it wasn’t difficult for him. Greif your feet reject it.

Gil Manzano


Doubts on the referee’s performance

There were three decisive actions in the final fate of the match where the referee decided in favor of Mallorca, but in any case they are clear after reviewing them over and over again. His most glaring error – and VAR’s as well – was not to replay the missed penalty braise because, at the moment of the execution, there was a Mallorca player who had already entered the area and who, precisely, was the one who blocked the second attempt of Zakharyan in denial. Manifest error that should be worth sanctioning Gil Manzano already Pizarro Gomez.
On the other hand, you’d have to be a great believer in the lines that pull and overflow in television production to agree with that. learn is no more advanced than Zubeldia in the game before 0-1 Gio.
And, of course, there remains the eternal doubt of purpose Tierney that didn’t get on the scoreboard. The Scot’s shot can cross the entire vertical of the goal line before it Samú Costa reject the ball with his body. 3D technology confirms that the ball has entered completely. The obsolete RFEF didn’t show it and that goal didn’t increase the score.

Imanol encouraged his players after the Copa disappointment


The pit is now unmistakable

The worst thing that can happen to Real is to play these decisive qualifying rounds in this part of the calendar where they do not have the game or the optimal physical condition to be close to their best version. The match against Mallorca only proves that the Txuri Urdin team has run out of fresh and resourceful football that it had in the early part of the season. It was difficult for him to create chances, score goals and avoid the mistakes that cost him so many goals in very isolated plays, especially from set pieces. The numbers are starting to be stubborn: Real have won only one game in the last eight and it was against 10 throughout the second half: 1-2 against Mallorca. In those matches he scored only four goals and, needless to say, none of his decisive forwards in the centre. The txuri urdin has reached the length of this calendar quite ‘hard’, as shown by the fact that the footballers who are almost all played, such as Merino either hut, they asked for a change in the discount because they couldn’t take it anymore. The Japanese also have a punch.



Something is happening in Anoeta

La Real is especially stuck in Anoeta and that is a problem of biblical proportions. The fact that he hasn’t brought joy to his fans since last November 26 is beyond tired. And it’s been three months now. Six games without being able to win at the Amara coliseum and also against rivals that are not among the strongest in the League or the Champions. After 2-1 against Sevilla, Real have yet to beat Salzburg (0-0), Betis (0-0), Alavés (1-1), Rayo (0-0), Osasuna (0-1) by Mallorca (1-2) at home. That is why the season is moving away from a Real team that can maintain its level away from home, where recently, for example, it beat Celta and Mallorca in the Liga.
​After this cup match, Real have two consecutive league games away from home, against Sevilla and Granada, with the duel at Anoeta against PSG in between. The best opportunity to fly and make changes in front of his people.

Turrientes celebrates his goal from the penalty spot


The curious take the penalty

Real Sociedad have never been good in penalty shootouts. Recently, they lost in the Super Cup and only one is remembered in Anoeta, in 1995 against Numancia in the Cup, where they also lost. The one built against Mallorca is curious. Same for the identification of the single launcher that failed, which Mikel Oyarzabalusually infallible but more difficult to be lethal in big events (Old Trafford, Suercopa, Copa semi-final), as well as decided to shoot and score it.
​Of the players signed by Real who are on the field, with notable international experience such as Traore, Tierney and, above all, like going forward Sadiqthey kick from 11 meters Zubimendinew to these things, Beckernewcomers, and, above all, wanted two children Turrientes and Olasagasti, which they did amazingly. The most curious and significant is, without a doubt, the case of the ‘Kaduna whip’. The most expensive signing in Real history came in the 104th minute of the game when a goal took the Txuri Urdin squad into the final and did not participate in the penalty shootout.

Great atmosphere at Anoeta


The atmosphere of big nights

Due to the very poor organization of the team reception, which was attended by hundreds of royalists who had nowhere to look, the team did not feel the warmth of their team up close for an hour and a half before the match. But the atmosphere created in Anoeta is that of big nights, similar to those experienced in Champions League matches against Inter Milan or Benfica. The parish supported Imanol’s men from start to finish, even after Mallorca’s goal and in that tense moment of extra time and penalties. The 35,781 spectators were with the footballers until their last breath, in pursuit of a final they dreamed of and where they were left behind. And all this at the cost of leaving the stadium on a working Tuesday at around 12:30 in the evening, when the streets and means of transport are jammed to get home. Another example of loving some colors.

Source: La Verdad


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