Frightened Students – Bad Joke: Boy Played Child Kidnapper


There was great excitement around a primary school in Kasten near Böheimkirchen: three men lured children into a box truck with chocolate. Now the police were able to track down the ‘perpetrator’: the approximately 17-year-old boy was just playing a joke…

A white van stopped at the bus stop near the school in the St. Pölten district on Tuesday afternoon. There were allegedly two men inside, one of whom was speaking to the children. He tried to lure students into the van with chocolate and other sweets. He also allegedly touched some of the eight-year-old boys and girls. He also told them that the school bus was late and that he could take them home.

The frightened children responded correctly and reported the incident. The alleged child kidnapper then ran away. The alerted police responded to the incident with increased patrol activities.

Children identify ‘kidnappers’
The go-ahead was given on Wednesday afternoon after extensive research. Although the children were actually approached and touched by an unknown person, the ‘perpetrator’ was only making a bad joke, as he later claimed. He got out of the van and ran into a house shortly after the alleged kidnapping attempts. Some children looked at him. Later, they were able to clearly identify the 17-year-old boy from photographs.

The police are heavily criticized
The police strongly condemn the ‘joke’: “Such actions fuel insecurity among the population and fear among our children. We have no understanding for that.” The boy was summoned to the police station on Wednesday and the facts will be submitted to the Public Prosecution Service for criminal investigation.

Source: Krone


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