After Klette’s arrest – RAF case: Third person apparently arrested


For more than 30 years there was no trace of three RAF terrorists in hiding – now the investigation is happening at a rapid pace: After Daniela Klette and another person were arrested on Tuesday, another arrest followed on Wednesday: a connection with the “Red Army Faction” The most however, recent arrest should be verified first, researchers said.

After more than thirty years, the search was on for former RAF terrorists Daniela Klette, Ernst-Volker Staub and Burkhard Garweg. A new search brought the manager to new clues: Klette, who was living in Berlin under a false identity, was caught and identified using her fingerprints.

The identity of the third suspect is being verified
The suspected case after the second arrest was not confirmed – the man is now at large. “There is no doubt that it is not one of the two criminals who are still on the run,” the Lower Saxony state criminal investigation department said. Like the “Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung” reported that another suspect is in custody. According to information from the newspaper, it is currently being determined whether the arrested person was Garweg or Staub.

The State Criminal Investigation Department in Hannover did not want to confirm this third arrest for the time being and simply stated that it was being “internally investigated”.

The list of charges against the three wanted RAF terrorists is long: they are said to have committed attempted murder and a series of serious robberies. In the 1990s, an explosive attack was carried out on the Weiterstadt prison, which was under construction. Klette is also accused of previously being involved in an attempted explosive attack on a Deutsche Bank building in Eschborn. The attempt was aborted because the ignition failed.

Source: Krone


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