Shocking details: serial rape causes a deep shock


The indescribable martyrdom of Anna-Sofia (name changed) is making waves beyond Austria’s borders – leaving even experienced criminals speechless. As reported, the 12-year-old Viennese woman was sexually abused by a gang of youths over a period of months.

These are accusations that make your blood run cold: as many as eight perpetrators (!) – most of them children themselves – are said to have simultaneously sexually abused the then 12-year-old over a period of months and even filmed the events. attacks on their mobile phones. Police temporarily arrested a total of seventeen suspects in the early hours of Thursday morning during a coordinated operation. They were later released and returned to their children’s rooms.

Multicultural gang struck in the underground parking garage, apartment and stairwell
The boys – including six Austrians with a migrant background, three Syrian asylum seekers, the rest from Southeastern Europe and Turkey – are between 13 and 18 years old. A detailed report to the Public Prosecution Service, which is available to the “Krone”, only gives an idea of ​​the martyrdom that Anna-Sofia had to undergo. A shocking mix of sexual violence, blackmail and coercion: it started with a seemingly innocent kiss in an underground car park near Vienna’s main station. But it didn’t stop. In the days that followed, the girl was passed around like a trophy among a 15-year-old’s circle of friends. The sexual intercourse took place both in an apartment in Favoriten and in a stairwell. Some of the actions were filmed; one video even shows eight young people attacking the child at the same time. Four mobile phones were seized and examined by the police.

Perpetrators risk ‘only’ five years in prison
Only after months did the girl confide in her mother. But before that, she reportedly went into hiding for a short time and was considered missing. The victim was deprived of her childhood, the perpetrators risk five years in prison due to their young age – the Vienna Public Prosecutor’s Office and the State Criminal Investigation Department continue the investigation…

Source: Krone


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