Shots fired into crowd – Israeli army: soldiers felt “threatened”


After the deadly shots against Palestinians, the Israeli army has now taken a stand. They were handed in by soldiers who felt ‘threatened’. It is said that there has been a crackdown in the city of Gaza (see video above).

Thousands of people gathered around a convoy of thirty aid vans. Dozens of people were killed and injured, some of whom were run over by trucks. An Israeli army official acknowledged that a “limited” number of shots had been fired. However, the Hamas Health Ministry spoke of a “massacre” that left 104 people dead and more than 750 others injured.

“(…) It’s not like shooting in the air to stop people when there was confusion and chaos. “It was deliberately targeted and killed,” Palestinian UN Ambassador Riad Mansur criticized.

Independent research?
After reports of the deaths of dozens of people, several representatives of states and institutions reacted with concern. “I am convinced that we need a humanitarian ceasefire and the unconditional and immediate release of the hostages, and that we must have a Security Council capable of achieving these goals,” said UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres. An independent investigation would be necessary.

French President Emmanuel Macron also called for an immediate ceasefire. “In any case, it is Israel’s responsibility to adhere to the rules of international law and protect the distribution of humanitarian aid to the civilian population.” Josep Borrell, EU foreign policy chief, called it a “bloodbath”. “a serious violation” of international humanitarian law.

More than 30,000 deaths since October
The war in the Middle East began with Hamas’ major attack on Israel on October 7. About 1,160 people were killed and 250 others taken hostage in the Gaza Strip. Since then, the Israeli army has taken massive military action in the Gaza Strip. More than 30,000 Palestinians are said to have died.

Source: Krone


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