This is the Williams Brothers Cup


He Athletic It is on Seville because he has done many good things. Get off the road Barcelona and Athletic, there are many protagonists, but there are two names that stand out above all. And they share a last name: Williams. This is the cup of siblings. Between them they dealt the last blows to the colchoneros. They write history.

in between Iñaki and Nico attended and scored the first two goals to lead the lions The Charterhouse. One is generated and the other is executed at 1-0. At 2-0 the tables were turned. But his path did not begin there. The oldest came only to the appointment against Barça and became a hero after an express trip from Ivory Coastwith the little boy putting the finishing touches on extra time. Nico Can not go in Metropolitan, then everything is a problem. However the Athletic pulled the power of the group to bring a crucial 0-1 to Bilbao.

In San Mames the laws are set by Williams. This is a team whose alpha and omega are the extremes, they are the ones who completely define everything from the sides. And if they also have a gift for scoring, there is little the visitors can do. Cathedral. Because of Athletic He adds bite to the first bars, however the punch is local. He Athletic ate the people of Madrid in LeagueHowever, this time it was not a December flood. The troops don’t need it Valverdeit is a surgical precision.

The first blow came before the first quarter of an hour. In Sancet as a supporting actor. Again his best version throwing the sprinters he feared so much Simeon. He started running Nico from the left, measured center and perfect volley from Iñaki. San Mames He burst with joy. It’s just the beginning Athletic He caught his prey and tore it apart.

Near the middle he was around the second in a pass from Iñaki from the right hand and a shot Nico that was almost missed. He arrived before break. Sancet received inside, Iñaki He ran to the right hand, calmed him down and Nico He came in with everything to shoot from the small area. This can’t be the last season as well Osasuna when he forgave the simplest thing and now took revenge. All that’s left is to put the icing on the cake on April 6.

Source: La Verdad


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