Troops in Ukraine? – Colonel analyzes: Europe’s paradoxical war strategy


The European strategy for the war in Ukraine has thus far been inherently paradoxical. You don’t want a long war, but you also don’t want escalation to end the war quickly. This contradiction is fueled by statements by French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz… analyzed Colonel Berthold Sandtner.

It is an open secret that individual members of European and…
American troops have been in Ukraine since the start of the war, helping the Ukrainians. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced on Thursday that British soldiers helped fire rockets into Ukraine, greatly irritating his European partners.

Scholz’s ‘informal’ comment leads to heated discussions
With his “casual” comment in the course of the discussion about the delivery of German Taurus cruise missiles to Ukraine, Scholz also responded to French Macron’s considerations about sending European troops to Ukraine.

“The Europeans have recognized that they would have to escalate militarily if they want to end the war faster, and at the same time they fear possible Russian responses to this,” said Col. Berthold Sandtner of the Federal Army’s National Defense Academy.

“Like a weakened patient who is denied the medicine”
“This is the European strategic paradox that cannot be resolved this way. The Europeans should make Ukraine that strong militarily
it weakens Russia considerably. But that’s exactly what you’re afraid of.”
Sandtner said. “Ukraine is like a severely debilitated patient with an unstoppable will to live, but who is denied the means to get better or given just enough to prevent him from dying.”

The Russians could maintain the current situation for another two to three years, Ukraine could only do this with massive Western financial and military support. To end the war more quickly, it would have to be escalated. An official deployment of ground troops would be a maximum option. But that doesn’t mean you automatically send fighters to the front line, Sandtner explains.

Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin warned the West of the “tragic consequences” of increased involvement in Ukraine during his State of the Nation address:

Medics, soldiers for command support and air defense operations on the third and fourth front lines or other military experts could also be deployed. It is surprising that France in particular is rushing forward with such an idea. The French are not yet among Ukraine’s biggest supporters, neither in terms of cash payments nor in arms deliveries.

Source: Krone


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