Hot discussions – action against the pie botch is exciting


An illegal cake baker exposed in Upper Austria is causing a stir in the confectionery industry. Federal Guild Master Leo Jindrak announced stricter measures against companies that operate illegally. How do people in the country feel about this? The readers on are discussing vigorously.

She collected unemployment benefits and emergency aid, but also made a lot of money selling themed cakes: an illegal pastry shop in Upper Austria earned 72,000 euros, who was recently busted by the financial police and is now in trouble – in the form of reports and demands until reimbursement.

Federal guild master Leo Jindrak calls those who mess up their craft and do not adhere to the rules of the game a ‘pig’. Jindrak announces a stricter program and wants to take a closer look together with the Chamber of Commerce to ensure that illegal companies are eliminated.

But what do people in the country think about it? There is a heated debate on about whether tampering is simply part of Austrian culture or whether it should be put to an end. “If the cake costs twice as much in the shops, the switch to private business is absolutely understandable in these times,” it says.

Bakery in the basement, home delivery – everything black
“It’s better to take care of the big fish and not the little ones,” one person told authorities. Another user talks about someone in his city who has set up a bakery in the basement, bakes bread, pastries, Easter croissants and the like and even delivers to his home on Saturdays – all black.

“Is everyone who earns a little extra money, be it through flea markets or other unskilled work, now being monitored?” asks another. “It doesn’t matter in which area – without bunglers, many things would no longer be affordable,” it is written. This means that, especially when it comes to saving money, cheating is legitimized for many people.

Source: Krone


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