Nikki Haley wins her first victory against Trump on the eve of ‘Super Tuesday’


The former governor of South Carolina won 63% of the vote and 19 delegates in the District of Columbia, where Washington is located.

Republican candidate Nikki Haley defeated former President Donald Trump on Sunday in the Republican Party primaries in the federal district of Columbia, where the capital of the United States is located. Washingtonmarking his first win against the magnate.

Haley has the 63% of the vote and 19 delegates compared to former President Donald Trump’s 33% in an election in which only about 2,000 Republicans voted, US news network NBC News reported.

According to experts, Columbia was Haley’s best option to win the primary because of the federal district’s strong tendency to support progressive candidates in the presidential election, where A Republican candidate has never won.. Haley, who had lost to Trump in the previous elections so far, had defended her permanence in the presidential race because “only a handful of states were voting.”

Despite his defeat, the former president is getting closer to winning the Republican nomination, as he is the favorite in most states, although the ‘Great Tuesday‘ on March 5, when 800 delegates in 16 states will be decided. The goal is to reach 1,215 delegates to mathematically secure the nomination. Currently, Trump has 247, compared to Haley’s 43.

Source: EITB


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