Nazi reactivation – breaking prohibition laws in the name of the Lord


A man from Northern Burgenland shared and responded to posts on Facebook in which he glorified National Socialism. He believes that the term Nazi actually means Jesus of Nazareth. The 55-year-old was found guilty during the jury trial at the Eisenstadt Regional Court.

There are absurd theories that the 55-year-old shared and commented on Facebook between October 2017 and November 2020. And there he now sits at the Eisenstadt Regional Court, accused of glorifying and trivializing the ideology of National Socialism and Adolf Hitler in five posts. He just wanted to quench his thirst for knowledge on the Internet. About where the word Nazi comes from. “It is being abused. The swastika is actually a symbol of peace. I wanted to inform people about that.”

“Chosen by God”
During his research on the Internet, the man from Northern Burgenland claims to have discovered that Greek Jews coined the term Nazi about 2,000 years ago. “Nazi is a derivative of Jesus of Nazareth – chosen by God,” read one of the messages.

Wouldn’t all Catholics be Nazis?

Just don’t think…
And what does he know about the SS runes that were visible on the black uniforms of the Nazis? Is this also the case in that photo, half police officer, half Nazi henchman, with the subtitle ‘The police, your friend and helper’? “I haven’t thought about the signs yet. Because if I do that, I will probably end up in court again.” Anyway: “I chose this photo because the police sometimes act criminally these days and brutally beat people up when they are already on the ground. Just like the SA used to do.”

The jury unanimously found the suspect guilty of violating the prohibition law. The verdict – a ten-month suspended prison sentence of three years plus a fine of 4,500 euros – is not legally binding.

Source: Krone


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