Trial in Feldkirch – early retiree threatened his doctor with death


A stubborn patient went crazy because his doctor wouldn’t give him a prescription. On Wednesday there was the legal aftermath in Feldkirch. Sometimes it got very hot.

It is not only his doctor who knows that it is not good to eat cherries with the 54-year-old early retiree. The aggressive defendant also left a lasting impression at the Feldkirch Regional Court. First in court, then in court. “Where’s the bastard?” he repeatedly interrupts prosecutor Sarah Nenning during her opening statement.

Whereupon judge Sabrina Tagwercher gave the clumsy bird his opinion: “Now listen carefully. There are rules of the game here. And you too must adhere to it. If you don’t behave normally, I’ll have to call the police. Do you understand me now?!” The suspect holds his beak for a moment.

The prosecutor seizes the opportunity and picks up where she left off: reading the charges. And that is based on coercion and material damage. This shows that in mid-February the suspect threatened his GP that he would kill him if he refused to prescribe the replacement medication he needed.

After the doctor banned the former drug addict from the practice, the 54-year-old allegedly bumped into the glass. “Not true! ‘I’m innocent!’ says the early retiree immediately. The assistant loaded the prescription onto his e-card. But when he was in the pharmacy, there was nothing on it.

That’s why he started practicing again. After a verbal argument with the assistant, the doctor came by. “He completely fooled me and claimed I had tried to extort substitution drugs. Then I said to him, ‘You stupid son of a bitch, I’ll kill you now!'”

Judge: “So then you’re guilty, right?” After a number of hateful rants, the 54-year-old confessed to the crimes, ultimately reducing the sentence. The final verdict: a fine of 1,440 euros. When Mrs. Rat asked if he agreed, the early retiree replied: “I’m always an asshole!”

Source: Krone


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