Sports shop robbery – machete robber hidden loot in PC case


Great success for the investigators of the Styrian State Criminal Investigation Department: the group was able to solve the armed robbery of a sports shop in Leibnitz (Styria) within just seven days. The perpetrators: two young people (15, 16) from Germany. The brothers ordered the murder weapon, a machete, online. You are now in custody.

The two employees of the sports shop in Leibnitz will probably have to deal with the consequences of the attack for a long time. The two young people certainly did not think about that when they ordered a machete of 60 centimeters long online for just under 30 euros. The brothers expected 500 euros in loot from their violent act. The two also wanted to steal clothes and then sell them.

“It’s unbelievable the criminal energy they showed,” one investigator said, shaking his head. “Everything was carefully and professionally planned the entire time.” The young people had extra clothing with them, which they put on over their robes before the robbery. They also changed their shoes.

The murder weapon ended up in Bach
While the 16-year-old threatened the employees with a machete and stole money, his 15-year-old brother took several hoodies and football boots. But when they realized during their escape that they had stolen much more money than expected, they threw the clothes and the murder weapon into a stream. They no longer needed the items.

But their prey’s joy was short-lived. The handcuffs clicked for the older man on March 8. A tip from the public and the criminal intelligence service – the State Criminal Investigation Department was actively supported by colleagues from the Leibnitz and Leutschach police stations – were able to quickly convict him. Especially because his supposedly complete alibi suddenly wasn’t so complete anymore.

“Cool sensation”
After a night in custody, the 16-year-old also betrayed his accomplice. The investigators found a large part of the loot in a PC cabinet in the brothers’ apartment. The young people with Iraqi roots who came to Styria from Germany a year and a half ago have confessed. They wanted a ‘cool sensation’ and money. They got their ideas from films.

Source: Krone


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