Unemployment in Euskadi, Navarra and Spain, May 2022, unemployment data


There are 113,352 unemployed in the Basque Autonomous Community, 2,202 fewer than in April. In the Spanish state, the number of unemployed is below 3 million for the first time since 2008.

Euskaraz irakurri: Langabeziak ia % 2 egin du behera EAEn

The unemployment rate has fallen by 1.91% in the past month in the Basque Autonomous Communityaccording to data from the Ministry of Labor and Employment of the Basque Government and the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy of the Government of Spain.

In the public employment offices of the CAV there are: 113,252 people registered, which is 2,202 less than in April, a decrease of 1.91%.

Compared to May 2021, the decrease is 9,266 unemployed, or 7.56%.

Gipuzkoa is the area with the largest decrease in unemployment compared to the previous month, 2.04% (629 fewer unemployed), while in Bizkaia it fell by 1.98% (1,287) and in Álava by 286 people (1 .45%).

In terms of recruitment, the pattern of the previous month was repeated in May in the Basque Country, with an emphasis on permanent recruitment, which accounted for 27.62% of the total. 68,652 new contracts have been signed, of which 18,959 are for an indefinite period.

Less than 3 million unemployed in Spain

In the set of Spanish state, the number of unemployed people registered in the offices of the public employment services has decreased by 99,512 people, which represents a decrease of 3.3%. The total number of unemployed is in 2 922 991the lowest number since the end of 2008.

Despite everything, the decline recorded in May is lower than that of the same month last year, when it fell by 129,378 unemployed. In May 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, unemployment rose by 26,573 people.

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Source: EITB


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