Water too expensive – dispute with neighbors: elderly person is allowed to continue watering


Because water became too expensive for property management, Ingrid Pfeiffer from Vienna-Ottakring was told to stop watering immediately. The flowerbed in her apartment building was threatened with eviction. After a stage victory, the cheerful 83-year-old now wants to keep fighting.

The ‘Krone’ report that an 83-year-old pensioner was suddenly no longer allowed to water her plants in the garden caused a furor. Resident Ingrid Pfeiffer has turned the gray area in her residential complex in the 16th district into a green idyll. Now she can breathe a sigh of relief for the time being. Because the property management reacted and gave in cautiously.

The deportation has been suspended for the time being
“We would like to contact the residents one last time to find an acceptable use of the green space for the community,” says Sozialbau AG. The deportation planned for Monday has been suspended. A first stage victory for the cheerful senior.

The property management emphasizes that they have been trying for months to find a solution with residents concerned about the excessive use of the green areas, because the garden area could not be used accordingly by the other residents of the house and they could not use it.

Area is not used properly
Ingrid Pfeiffer denies this and wants to keep fighting. Because everyone in the house would enjoy the small garden. The excitement of the past few days was certainly a bit too much for the pensioner, she says. “I am happy that our piece of greenery can remain for the time being,” says grandma Ingrid. Especially now that it is slowly getting warmer outside.

Source: Krone


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