Four injured: Vienna police crash into car during chase


On Wednesday evening, a serious traffic accident took place in Vienna-Brigittenau between a police car and two other cars. The officers had previously chased a driver who had ignored the red light.

The incident happened around 7 p.m. at the intersection of Jägerstrasse and Pappenheimgasse. The officers saw a motorist who drove despite the red light and gave chase.

The 27-year-old drove into the intersection when the light was green
At the same time, however, a 27-year-old also drove her car through the intersection and collided with the emergency vehicle. The violent impact caused the police vehicle to collide with another car owned by a 29-year-old and tip over on its side.

Everyone involved was injured
The driver of the police vehicle, his two colleagues and the 27-year-old woman were slightly injured in the accident. They were taken to a hospital by Vienna’s professional rescue service. Serious damage was caused to the cars involved.

Source: Krone


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