“The fun” escalated: Women were chased after being shot with a toy gun


While a 19-year-old was out with two friends in Klagenfurt on Tuesday evening, she shot foam bullets from the car with a toy gun. She met a passerby, which her companion found anything but funny.

The young woman from St. Veit was driving in Klagenfurt on Tuesday evening in her car, driven by one of her two friends, when she came up with the idea of ​​having a toy gun that shoots foam bullets for ‘fun’. in the lido parking lot to shoot from the moving car.

Kicked the car
The 19-year-old accidentally hit a woman from Klagenfurt (23) who was standing in the parking lot with her boyfriend (24). The young women then continued driving. Shortly afterwards, the two people from Klagenfurt caught up with them and confronted them, after which an argument broke out.

“The 24-year-old eventually got out of the car and kicked the 19-year-old’s vehicle with his foot. “He caused a dent in the fender,” police said.

The women wrote down the license plate number and reported it to the police. The permit holder and the suspect could therefore be quickly identified. The 24-year-old is reported.

Source: Krone


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