Pending interest rate cuts by the ECB, the Euribor will rise to 3.7% in March


Interest rates rose by 0.60 percentage points compared to the previous month and reached their highest level in the past four months, pending the next steps taken by the European Central Bank (ECB) in its monetary policy.

He Euribor will be located in March in the 3.7%slightly above the 3.671% recorded in February, according to data consulted by Europa Press.

It increased by 0.60 percentage points from the previous month and reached the highest level in the last four months, pending the next steps that will European Central Bank (ECB) contributes to its monetary policy.

“The fact that the ECB has once again maintained interest rates at 4.5% means that the Euribor is stagnating at quite high values, especially if we compare it with its evolution over the past ten years,” explains Simone, director of iAhorro Hypotheses, out. Colombelli.

The March data implies that for a model mortgage on variable typethe increase in the fee would be approximately six euros per month.

For her part, spokesperson Estefanía González explains that the Euribor has continued the adjustment that already started in February due to the expectation that interest rates will not fall until June at least.

“Given the uncertainty about the size of this cut, the movements of the indicator will be moderate,” explains this comparator, which predicts that the Euribor will close around 3.5% in the first half of the year, before gradually decrease until the end of 2024 around 3.5%. %.

Source: EITB


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