Animal bite suspected – short circuit: fire causes 150,000 euros in damage


The cause of a devastating fire on the Neckenmarkt has been clarified. Within a very short time the roof of a farm caught fire. The damage is enormous. As the investigation by forensic scientists has now shown, a short circuit in the electricity grid may have triggered the operation.

Almost a week ago, a major fire raged in the early morning hours in the farm building of a 60-year-old resident of Neckenmarkt. A neighbor raised the alarm. Forensic investigation confirmed that the fire broke out in the roof structure. Exactly where all the power lines come together.

No technical defect
Apparently a short circuit caused the fire. According to fire investigators, an animal bite could be the cause. After evaluating the tracks, it is said that there is no overload or installation error. Negligence by third parties is therefore excluded. The material damage, which amounts to 150,000 euros, is probably covered by insurance.

Mother and child saved themselves
As residents reported, a fire broke out with a bang in the outbuilding of a residential building in Dörfl on Tuesday around 2 p.m. The noise also startled the owner, who was at home with her daughter. When the concerned woman looked out the window, flames were already coming from the building. Dark clouds of smoke rose.

Mother and child immediately ran outside. The fire brigades from Steinberg, Dörfl, Piringsdorf, Oberpullendorf and the FF drone from Pinkafeld came into action. Only a ruin remained of the expansion. The cause is still being determined.

Source: Krone


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