Drama in Spain – German wanted to save child – both drowned!


The heroic efforts of a German tourist in Spain unfortunately cost the 30-year-old his life on Thursday. The tourist wanted to save a 16-year-old who had fallen into the sea during stormy weather. The teenager also did not survive the accident.

The tragedy took place on the Mediterranean coast near Tarragona, as “Bild” reported. A teenager was in danger of drowning in the turbulent waters at Fortí de la Reina – the German then jumped into the water to save the 16-year-old.

There are many stones at the accident site. Two helicopters and rescue boats were deployed to rescue the child and the 30-year-old from the water, but the efforts were in vain. The teenager and the young man drowned.

Two other people drowned during the storm
The storm claimed the lives of two other people. A Briton was hit by a wave in the north of the country and swept into the sea as Storm Nelson raged. Just a few miles away, a Spanish woman had drowned and suffered a similar fate to the Briton. Authorities warned against approaching the coast.

Source: Krone


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