Controls have increased – crackdown on German cannabis tourists


On April 1, the German government legalized – no joke – the consumption of marijuana. The Austrian police rely on checks.

“It smells funny in here, that’s because we smoke weed. And sometimes the police come – we smoke weed.” The German TV comedian Stefan Raab stormed the charts in 2001 with these fairly demanding lines of text. In Austria, the rather irritating song “We smoke pot” climbed to fourth place.

Extensive legalization in Germany
The difference with then: in Germany the police no longer come. Since April 1, our neighbors have legalized cannabis products – with restrictions. In concrete terms, cannabis fell outside the Narcotics Act and was removed from the list of prohibited substances. Possession, consumption and cultivation of the drug (for personal use) are permitted for persons aged 18 and over. Consumption is prohibited in the presence of children and young people, during the day in pedestrian areas, on playgrounds and sports fields and within sight of schools and kindergartens.

The neighbors’ ‘grass’ always seems greener
Austrians who also like to smoke a joint or two now look jealously over the northern border. The possible legalization of cannabis has already been discussed in this country, but there is currently no political majority in favor. The ‘gateway drug’ poses physical and psychological dangers, especially for young people, as numerous studies have shown.

Most important actions at the German borders
Instead, the police are now preparing for an illegal import of cannabis products from Germany. The state police departments of Upper Austria, Salzburg, Tyrol and Vorarlberg have announced important actions, especially in the regions close to the border.

The emphasis is mainly on drug addicts: smoke weed legally in Germany and then return home quickly, so that is not the intention. The mayors of some border towns hope – to get something positive out of the matter – that the black market will be reduced.

30 grams of marijuana in the glove compartment: first stop in Tyrol
In Scharnitz, Tyrol, an Austrian driver from Germany was arrested over the Easter weekend with almost 30 grams of marijuana in his glove compartment – he will not have been the last.

Source: Krone


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