Spotted on video: two-year-old from Serbia, actually in Vienna


A little girl, almost two years old, who has been missing from Serbia since last week, was spotted at a tram stop in Vienna on Tuesday. The child from Serbia has now been identified on video footage from a witness, the police announced on Wednesday. The search for the girl is under pressure.

The mother of the girl who disappeared last week has gone into hiding – it is suspected that the woman had something to do with her daughter’s disappearance.

Suddenly disappeared from the garden
The girl suddenly disappeared from her parents’ garden in a small town near the city of Bor. A large-scale search and a photo search call via Interpol followed.

Then on Tuesday the first tip from Vienna: The missing girl could have been seen at the Schottenring tram stop. The police confirmed this on Wednesday. A man saw the toddler in the company of two women wearing strikingly colorful clothing (yellow and red) and took a video.

Suspicion of child abduction
After relatives of the missing girl viewed the images, they assumed that it was very likely that the girl in question came from Serbia.

The Vienna police have now requested publication of the images on behalf of the public prosecutor. People themselves or witnesses who know the women and their whereabouts or the whereabouts of the child are urged to contact the police.

The Vienna State Criminal Investigation Department has also taken over the investigation against the child’s mother on suspicion of child abduction.

Source: Krone


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