Medical miracle – Viennese doctors save man after aortic rupture


He was doomed to die after an aortic rupture! But at the very last moment, AKH top doctors were able to save their patient from bleeding to death with a special procedure.

When his abdominal aorta suddenly burst, 61-year-old György Forberger struggled with death in the hospital of Wiener Neustadt (Lower Austria). The doctors there responded perfectly in the second – as they immediately sent the X-rays to their colleagues at the Vienna General Hospital (AKH). But even the top doctors initially saw little hope.

Doctors fought for hours to save the patient’s life
“When I had the flash report in front of me, it was very unlikely that this patient would make it to the operating table alive,” said Dr. Florian Wolf, one of the best interventional radiologists in Austria. Nevertheless, the team around Wolf and the vascular surgeon Dr. Christopher Burghuber a minor medical miracle.

Complications during emergency surgery
After the patient was flown to the AKH by ÖAMTC helicopter, doctors fought for hours for the life of the skilled car mechanic. “Unexpected complications arose. But during this emergency operation I was able to close the aorta with a special prosthesis.”

What makes the lifesaver in the white coat happy: “The patient, who was almost completely doomed, is now doing very well again and can now enjoy his life normally again without major restrictions…”

Source: Krone


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