Traveling on a tricycle – child (4) hit by car and dragged along


A four-year-old flew by rescue helicopter to the state hospital Feldkirch in Vorarlberg on Monday evening. She had previously been hit by a car on a farm where she was riding a tricycle.

The driver, a 59-year-old woman, was on his way up the hill towards the farm around 7:15 PM. At a confusing turn, she met the girl driving through the valley. The surprised driver was unable to brake in time and crashed into the tricycle. The toys and the four-year-old came under the woman’s vehicle and were dragged several meters.

Left leg injuries
The girl sustained injuries to her left leg in the accident. After the first emergency medical assistance, he flew with the rescue helicopter C8 to the state hospital in Feldkirch. The driver of the car received a shock.

Rescue Egg with two people, emergency doctor, crew of the rescue helicopter C8 and a patrol of the federal police with two people were deployed.

Source: Krone


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