The “Krone” on the spot – Corona: Portugal is living the “new normal”.


Increasing numbers, more corona deaths – developments in the Iberian Peninsula are worrying. Two current residents of Lisbon describe in the “Krone” their impressions of daily life with the virus.

During the corona pandemic, Portugal has always been regarded as a kind of crystal ball for Austria. The developments in the Iberian Peninsula were repeated a little later in a similar form in Austria.

Mask requirement the exceptional case
Given the currently soaring numbers and officially 230 fatalities in the past week, the “Krone” ventured a local inspection. Are there restrictions again in the capital of Portugal? “I’ve been here since the beginning of February, the country is really beautiful,” says Aniko Steinböck.

The student (graphic design) is currently spending an exchange semester at the Universidade Lusófona. At that time, masks were still worn very consistently. “They are now only mandatory in public transport and medical facilities.”

“Relax, also with Corona in mind”
Although you still see people with masks in public life. “But the hysteria in the media has died down, although you hear about infections almost daily in your circle of friends,” reports Pedro Brehm, who works in real estate project development. “You live relaxed, also with Corona in mind.”

Tourism is booming like before the pandemic
This is also reflected in tourism, which is booming as it was before the pandemic. Brehm: “That’s good, a sign of joy in life. We are not necessarily afraid of the situation, but we have respect.”

Source: Krone


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