Doctor Indicated – Baby Circumcision: Medication Overdose


Dramatic incident in Vienna-Donaustadt involving a 17-day-old baby who, according to Muslim tradition, should have been circumcised: a doctor (59) wanted to anesthetize the baby on Saturday evening and is said to have dosed the medication incorrectly. The child had to be taken to a hospital.

When symptoms of an overdose surfaced, rescuers were alerted, who, along with an emergency doctor from the Vienna Professional Rescue Service, gave the baby emergency medical treatment in the apartment and then took it to a hospital. A police spokesman said the baby was initially in critical condition, but is now stable.

Doctor indicated, investigations are underway
Officers of the Donaustadt City Police Command confiscated the doctor’s medical supplies. The 59-year-old Austrian has been reported on suspicion of serious physical injuries, further investigation is ongoing.

Private circumcisions are not banned in Austria
The private removal of the foreskin of boys is generally not prohibited in Austria, provided it is performed by a doctor based in Austria.

Source: Krone


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