"If the virtuous administration of Rubiales will record ministers, secretaries of state or me …"


Xavier Thebes, President of LaLiga, insisted this Sunday, at the closure of the Genuine League held at the facilities of Lezama, that the Federation broadcast the whole conversation of the two hours he maintained Miguel Garcia Caba deputy secretary general of the Spanish Federation, and which he recorded without even informing him.

It cannot be said to be illegal because one of those in this meeting knew it was recorded, “Thebes explained.” But I didn’t know the conversation was recorded. What I ask for, and for that I have need the president of the Federation, the Federation itself and OK Diario, is that broadcast two hours of conversationbecause We would have had fun. At that time, we discussed things that the president (Rubiales) had not yet clarified: the Itala ministers, secretaries of state, the Super Cupof the case Fuenlabradang espionage to assassinate the union president (David Aganzo) … “.

After emphasizing that “Alejandro Blanco (president of the Spanish Olympic Committee) is not part of my problems”, he pointed out that “Rubiales is. Because if his clean management is to record ministers, secretaries of state or myself … Well we are making progress with impeccable management.

About the decision of Athletic to distance itself from the LaLiga agreement and CVCThebes said “it’s something that respect, as I do with the other two clubs that did not join it. If they don’t like it and decide to take it on courtsthat is how we have resolved these differences here, not by punch or punch, because it must be respected because they are absolutely entitled ”.

“We need to promote the values ​​of the Genuine League”

Javier Tebas urged all football and Spanish society in general to make themselves the values ​​of Genuine League athletes: “True love, sportsmanship, sharing before competing … We must work to these values will pass and reach us all.I try to reinforce these values ​​when I come to this competition.Players want to score, hug each other and celebrate, like everyone else, but they do it differently, sharing of love, affection and sportsmanship, things. that can help us greatly and that we should pass on to sport and society in general “, he underlined

Finally asked about the output of anil murthy of the presidency of Valencia explained that “more than necessary, I think Murthy’s personal situation is not the most appropriate who is in this position. And Peter Lim (owner of Valencia) found it appropriate to make one inflection pointalthough there have been some … My request is for a can of CVC Valencia finish the stadium something important for the future of the club ”.

Source: La Verdad


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