Instagram, TikTok,… – Street workers know what bothers teenagers online


Instagram instead of a park, TikTok instead of a playground: three street workers have been online in Upper Austria since the beginning of this year. The social workers tell the Crown how they come into contact with young people, what is currently bothering the teenagers and what they talk about with each other.

A girl films herself crying and then posts the video on the internet platform TikTok, perhaps even talking about a mental illness. When Jacqueline Pühringer (39) sees something like this, she has a chat with the young people involved and says something like: “Hello, do we know each other?” Or: “I am an online social worker, you can talk to me about anything.” The algorithm helps with this, because the more contact you have with teenagers who are struggling, the more of these videos you will see.

Source: Krone


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