Criticism of senior (74) – hunt for motorcyclists caused ‘shitstorm’


A 74-year-old was hit by a previously unknown motorcyclist in Upper Austria when he tried to slow him down because he was driving too fast. The injured senior also received a lot of criticism online for his action.

On Monday afternoon, there were 130 responses on to our report about Josef Untermair (74) from Hofkirchen im Traunkreis and his search for the perpetrators. The pensioner was passed by a previously unknown cyclist on April 4 when he waved at him from the side of the road.

According to Untermair, the motorcyclist was clearly driving too fast on the stretch in front of his settlement. The pensioner was injured and now offered €3,000 for information about the motorcyclist who was hit. So far without results.

“Self-appointed street sheriffs”
And the senior received little support for his campaign online, but a lot of abuse – known in modern German as a ‘shitstorm’. “If he does this to every biker, he won’t be in the hospital, he’ll be in the cemetery,” said a reader. Another wrote: “Isn’t it official arrogance and interference with road traffic if I want to prevent another road user from freely choosing their speed?” I can’t stand it anyway.”

But when it came to cynicism, the poster cheekily wrote: “Where exactly is that? A rally there with motorcycles should be easy to organize.”

Source: Krone


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