“Krone” gives tips – How to combat fatigue in spring


“Krone” gives tips – How to combat fatigue in spring

Do you know it too? Nature is blooming again, the sun shines from the sky all day long, the thermometer shows about 20 degrees, the birds are singing and you would like to climb mountains or take long bike rides. But something keeps her on the couch: a strange kind of fatigue and lethargy.

Then you probably belong to the group of people who suffer from so-called spring fatigue. “For many, the transition from the cold to the sunny season means exhaustion, dizziness and headaches,” explain the experts from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, which also has a branch in Austria. Symptoms also include fatigue and lack of concentration. “People who suffer from spring fatigue suffer from it between March and May. You feel weak and your eyelids are heavy despite getting enough sleep, and getting up in the morning becomes a challenge.”

Source: Krone


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