Pushed by a trailer – Kalbin hit a Tyrolean farmer (45) with his head


A serious accident took place in Imst on Friday afternoon. A farmer (45) wanted to bring a calf from a trailer into the stable. The animal pushed the man’s head to the ground and climbed onto his back. He was seriously injured.

The incident happened in front of a stable in Imst. The 45-year-old local resident wanted to bring the animal in from a trailer. However, the calf may not have responded as the man expected. The calf pushed him to the ground with her head and climbed onto the lower part of his back with her hind legs.

A passerby provided first aid
The cow then ran away. A man who happened to be nearby at the time provided first aid and started the rescue chain. The farmer was seriously injured and taken by ambulance to the hospital in Zams.

Animals caught and slaughtered
The calf was picked up by other men a short time later. According to police, the animal was slaughtered after the incident.

Source: Krone


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