Vastly aggravated: poverty causes psychological problems in children


Vastly aggravated: poverty causes psychological problems in children

Since the pandemic, mental health conditions among children and young people have risen sharply. The situation is made worse by rising prices. A new campaign and measures should counter this.

Since the pandemic, the number of mental illnesses among children and young people has increased. This worrying development has been given new impetus by the current price increase and the associated financially tense situation in many families. “The situation has deteriorated enormously. We hope it is a wave and not a permanent situation,” said Ewald Lochner, coordinator for psychiatry, addiction and drug problems for the city of Vienna.

Remove taboos by talking
The city of Vienna will therefore now expand psychosocial measures for young people under the motto “#that’s what we’re talking about”. The problem is not talked about enough. To change that, they now want to get ‘influencers’ on board.

Own app as a pilot project
In addition, a pilot is now starting with the MedUni Vienna for a digital, central platform including a web portal and mobile phone app for treatment, support and various self-help tools for those affected. This gives patients a better overview and allows healthcare providers to support them better. From July 1, an additional reporting point (number to be announced) will also be activated for children and young people. The offer is financed by the city and the health insurer.

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