Afghans accused – Leonie’s death: trial in the summer?


Leonie was 13 years old when she was found leaning against a tree trunk in Vienna-Donaustadt in June 2021 – dead! Four young Afghans are said to be responsible for this. You could still face court in the summer – for rape resulting in death.

The investigations have been completed and the last report of the fourth suspect (lawyer Wolfgang Haas), who was extradited from London, has also been submitted in writing. It states that the 22-year-old Afghan is not psychologically abnormal or dangerous, so it is not a “committee case”. He just wants to remember the sex with the 13-year-old on the night of the crime – who was allegedly offered to him as a prostitute…

The public prosecutor’s office sent the project report to the senior public prosecutor’s office, which will now decide on the charges.

Raped by two men
13-year-old Leonie from the Tulln district is said to have met a 16-year-old Afghan man in Vienna on the Danube Canal, according to him he was in a relationship with her. He allegedly gave her drugs, namely ecstasy, in high doses and then took her and the 22-year-old to the apartment of another Afghan (18). There they raped at least two men.

Finding a corpse on a green strip
Leonie lost consciousness, the suspects would have given her yogurt and water and put her in a shower. But Leonie stopped responding. According to investigations, the young men wrapped them in a carpet and placed them on a green berm. The next morning passers-by made the terrifying discovery…

Source: Krone


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