Crashed Boeing jet – emergency landing: 20 people are still in intensive care


Severe turbulence on the Singapore Airlines flight from London to Singapore continues to have serious consequences for many passengers. In addition to one fatality, several people are now suffering from injuries to the spinal cord and spine, and twenty more passengers are in intensive care. A video now shows the serious damage to the Boeing plane (see above).

The Boeing 777 with 211 passengers and 18 crew members on board entered a vent above the west coast of Myanmar on Tuesday and sank almost 2,000 meters. A 73-year-old Briton died, probably of a heart attack. His wife and dozens of other passengers and crew members were taken to various hospitals after the emergency landing in Bangkok.

Paralysis cannot be ruled out
It is too early to say whether some of those affected will suffer permanent damage such as paralysis, Samitivej Srinakarin hospital director Adinun Kittiratanapaibool told reporters in Bangkok on Thursday. Other patients suffered skull or brain injuries.

A total of twenty injured people are still in intensive care, Channel News Asia (CNA) quoted the clinic director. 17 people were operated on. The patients are between two and 83 years old.

Breathe a sigh of relief: no one’s life is in danger anymore
Some were in mortal danger after landing, but are now no longer in critical condition, Adinun Kittiratanapaibool explained. Most of the injured were not wearing seat belts at the time of the sudden turbulence.

More than 140 passengers and crew members who were unharmed or only slightly injured were taken to Singapore on a special flight on Wednesday.

Source: Krone


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